A chaotic, multi-disciplinary digital creative.

Each of these things bring me joy and income:

psycho vs. Sage

Why do I call myself psychoSage? To separate my hobbies from paid work — self-employment creates a confusing environment between these things, and the visual design I've created helps me subconsciously keep myself focused. Focused on work when I'm working, focused on play when I'm playing.


Projects prepended with "psycho" are to remind myself that I am human, being experimental, non-profit, angry, and rebellious. "psycho" is also a slightly pejorative reference to my schizophrenia diagnosis. It is lowercased by design to de-emphasize the passive, long-term, and self-inflicted subjugation of self-deprecation. Holy shit, that was a mouthful. Here, have some soda to wash down that nothing-burger.



Projects appended with "Sage" are to remind myself while working that I am a producer of value in our capitalist society, being as polished as I can in my work, for-profit, calm, and pragmatic. "Sage" is also a reference to my aspirational practice/way of doing business. Words prefixed to Sage are lowercased by design. Not only to match the 'psycho' lowercasing, but to indicate a commitment to ideology over product or profit.

What's cooking on the front burner, Ian?

I am making macroSage, the application infrastructure for my future — and yours.

With an app that builds apps, we can interact with the digital world more independently without an over-reliance on software that nickels-and-dimes us to the point of only being available to the wealthy & technically inclined.