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I am, at most times, difficult to reach due to having a focused mobile workspace. If calling, choose the front desk option.


Phone number
+1 (219) 777-3836
Please, no soliciting.


Business inquiries only.


Physical Location
If you're meeting me in Kelowna, my top pick is at the library or at Accelerate Okanagan, both in the same connected building.
Contacting me prior to arriving will ensure I'll actually be there! 🤗

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If you are suspicious you are being contacted by someone that is not me while claiming to be me, use this page as the source of truth.

Physical Locations

If you are a sentimental type like me and want to send snail mail...


On the road in an RV

Mail forwarded from domicile to current location

Mail Correspondence

Ian Rand McKenzie via psychoSage

1434 Ironwood St Suite #503

Campbell River, BC V9W 5T5