Artist Resumé // Curriculum Vitae

My primary goal is to build my workshop, macroSage. Thanks to technology, this workshop removes the financial barriers like real estate, construction, tools, etc. Thanks to technology, this workshop is not a privilege held entirely in my possession — it can be duplicated to anyone that wants or needs it. I cannot control the faceless cogs unknowingly imposing as our masters in the machine, but I can control my pursuit of this act of rebellion against them.

Community & Leadership

A Message with Impact

When I put myself out there, conversations start and mental health stigma ends. People often open discussions with, "I don't even tell me closest friends this, but..." as they reveal struggles on their own - struggles that I encourage them to share, they may be surprised how much support they can receive - just as I have learned in my journey.

I just read the article about you in the latest (summer) version of the CV Collective and want to say how impressive not only the article is but more so is your willingness to be so open about your life dealing with schizophrenia.

I have always said that it is great when one sees celebrities that openly talk about their own personal mental health issues as their openness definitely assists in removing the stigma attached to such. However, I also feel that it might be easier for those celebrities to talk about it as they will no doubt get "preferential treatment" by their fans / admirers of which they will inevitably have many.

Not to take anything away from anyone that takes such a bold step however I find it to be a much bolder statement and initiative when a non celeb takes what many (perhaps most) would feel is a risk in openly discussing their own battles.

I applaud you sir for your bravery and assure you that your story goes a very long way in assisting the unfortunate stigma that exists around mental health issues.

I wish you all the best in your current endeavours and assure you that I will be giving you a call if I am ever in need of help in your line of work.

Patt Dunn
Retired RCMP