Client Portfolio

A collection of magical projects run/owned by people of shared values and trust.

Testimonials are copy/pasted verbatim and edited for small grammar corrections.

Syntax Engine

Recommended by the owner of Breeze Client, the leader of [redacted] approached me to showcase meta software for gamers obsessed with playing the way they choose. We had a great time with this site, and are both super proud of it.

Ian was great to work with and helped me make an incredible looking website! I had a specific project for him that was a little peculiar and probably not like most of the requests he gets, but he handled it with ease and expertise! He was also available to help with any questions I had and was an open book. I definitely enjoyed working with him.

Ben Palmer

Trevor Gieske Blog & Portfolio Site

I love to evangelize those I believe in and care about — especially when they are fantastically talented at making really cool stuff! Trevor was generous enough to allow me to create a site for his brand.

Trevor Gieske

Artist / Hair Stylist

Ian helped get my website up and running back in 2018, handling everything from the design to the backend development, and since then I get compliments about my site constantly. Not only does the design of the website look great, but every page loads lightning fast. Page load times aren’t the only thing that’s fast — anytime I’ve needed support or had questions Ian has been incredibly responsive and is always quick to answer my questions or help me implement new features.

Website security and updates are something I never have to think about because Ian’s always on top of it. He keeps my site running smoothly, and keeps me up to date on what he’s made happen, so I’m always confident that he’s got me covered. This is the fourth website Ian has helped me with for a business or project of mine, and it won’t be the last.

Alex Hochhausen
Founder of Astronomic Audio

The Ditch Café

After my first winter in Oliver, BC, I spent much of my time doing my work at The Ditch Café. On a slow work day, I decided to make them a website since they didn't have one. Norah happily bought it from me and was grateful for not having to think about it as she focused on what matters most: building her fantastic café startup creating delicious bites, not worrying about malicious bytes! 😉

Norah Prodan


Bookkeeping by Kelsey

After moving to Vancouver Island, Kelsey was ready to take the brave and ambitious steps toward self-employment. I was privileged enough to be able to give her a strong start with a comprehensive branding, website, and social media package.

Ian has done a fantastic job designing, building and maintaining our website. He is always thorough in determining our particular needs and tailoring his work to support us in the best way possible. I appreciate Ian’s emphasis on design that is not only attractive, but highly usable, accessible, and secure.

Ian understands web design from the client and user point of view, and never loses sight of that. Ian is quick to respond to our questions and needs, and always keeps us in the loop about changes or updates. I would happily work with Ian again and recommend him to anyone looking for friendly and effective support.

Jake Shultz
Founding/Active Member of The House of Bob Gaming Club

Postal Barbcecue

After a surge in global online activity, YouTuber Jabin Postal's barbecue channel grew to a sufficient size for full-timing after years of passion and perserverence. It was finally time to hire his best office-mate, me, to bring his online presence to the next level.

Astronomic Audio

Alex and I started our businesses in the same month. We started with a simple static HTML website and grew it into a robust full-formed website as his business grew.

Alex Hochhausen

Podcast Producer

Ian comes highly recommended, not only by me but also by mutual acquaintances. While he may not offer the utmost professional finish you'd find elsewhere, what sets Ian apart is his unique perspective and creative flair. Rather than delivering a generic template, he infuses personal touch and innovation into the project.

In addition, Ian is notably flexible. He provided the precise work I was looking for at an incredibly reasonable price. His dedication doesn't stop post-delivery either; he assisted with rectifying minor glitches and added some lively animations. Whether you're a seasoned coder or new to the realm of websites, Ian can adjust to your needs and guide you through. Overall, I'd give him an 8/10 and would certainly suggest him to others.

Founder of Breeze Client

The House of Bob Gaming Club

In 2018, I found out that my tabletop gaming friends were running the best kept secret in the Tabletop Roleplaying Game Podcast world. What came next can only be called ... a website. Or a Total Party Kill. We shall see!


Grim Reaper