A fun little project from a curiously interesting looking stick and a porpoise-looking stone. Once finished, they were packaged up in storebought gift paper and labelled in the style of my brand with an inkjet printer on printer paper. Packaging was intentionally lo-fi since I don't need to spend excessive energy being a perfectionist about it.


    The Ultra Forest Guardian Gremlin

    This lil' guy is a zealous garden protector, using its amanita rays to incapacitate any ne'er-do-wells, hooligans, or any other foolish aggressor.


    Stoic Protector of the Depths

    With its impenetrable shell and all-seeing eyes, the turtle knows all, sees all, and has seen it all — and lived to tell the tale. While limited in its inclination for violence, Turtle Bot is not one to be trifled with.


    The Air & Sea Assassin

    Using its gravaton capacitors, Sharkbot not only protects the waters with its frickin' laser beam eyes, but is air-capable when the land and skies need help!