Professional Development Portfolio

A self-contained pump and dump scheme where my ideas use all my time and run away with euphoria while I hold the bag. 😆

Package Design


Making toys for my nephew and niece, then lo-fi packaging/labelling for a bit of flair.

Telecommunications Development

The Meme Hotline

When I learned about Twilio's cloud phone services, the number of possibilities exploded in my mind. I absolutely had to dip my toes into it. And so, the Meme Hotline was born.


When the pandemic hit, I guess I just said to myself, "fuck it, I'm gonna play Minecraft". I hadn't played video games in years and I found out Minecraft anarchy was still a thing. Except this time, it followed me into my professional work...

Web/iOS/Android Development A lot more

Curious Markings (Art Project)

Curious Markings are schizophrenic hallucinations brought to life. I don't really do this anymore since I've become virtually symptom free thanks to CBD oil, eating well, exercise, and curating my life to have as little stress as possible and knowing when to face stress to do so.