Open Mic Log #7 - Kelowna Comedy Club (again)

Had a good set that trailed off around the 4-minute mark. Which I very much did not realize. I had a fellow open-mic'er record on my phone for me and I can see Dave squirming as I continued to go over. I didn't know I went over until I got home and reviewed the video. I'm not sure why no one told me to, you know, not do that. But, at least I found the problem for myself and can strive to better self-moderate.

This set was an interesting one because the 'quest' bit was something I didn't fully write out. I just had it purely in my head and only 'practiced' a small portion on my partner this morning. I was surprised how well it went over given that lack of preparation. I think for many comics over-preparation can ruin the joke and I think that seems to be the case for me as well.

Another learning was how much bigger laughs are earned from a joke getting more and more polished. The quail bit completely bombed at Runaways as far as I'm concerned. I tried it again at Kettle River Brewing and I was surprised how much better I did with a few tweaks. Today, I basically did the same thing as Kettle River, just with a bit more confidence/comfort and it seemed to go quite well again.

The same seems to be the case with the sending an invoice to the cyberbullies bit. That one has always been a challenging one and today was also quite surprising how 'big' of a laugh that gets. Of course, I'm not a gut buster, but it went well.

All that said, there are additional factors of comics warming the audience up, the audience itself having a better sense of humor and/or a more compatible sense of humor — all of which I am currently still oblivious to when it comes to my analysis of how things went.