OPEN MIC LOG #13 - Kelowna Comedy Club

For this round at Kelowna comedy club, I tries some experimental material about the wealthier and showier types in town (of which there are many). I explored my precarious housing situation and I've gotta say props to comics like Tig Notaro bringing their audience along for their ride without it getting too sad. I was quite annoyed how my words struck their empathy more than their funny bone.

That night, I found myself quite chaotic. I didn't stick to my set. I was comic up with jokes on the fly while I was waiting to go up, and I was not really thinking clearly. This was all happening while my schizophrenia symptoms were going into hyperdrive for some mysterious reason.p helping not just my craft, but my mental health check-ins as well.

In retrospect, there was a lot more warning signs for how ill I was than I could have realized in the moment. It ended up being useful how I analyze myself during comedy because it ended up helping me identify that I needed to get my brain sorted out ASAP. Later that night after not being able to sleep, having extreme anxiety, and not having my usual "restless riffing" (something I call what comedians do after doing a set, coming up with new jokes non-stop as they are trying to sleep) — I decided to simply march over to Kelowna General Hospital.

I am not a superstitious person, but I do find it amusing this is Open Mic Log #13 and that by the time I was checked into the McNair psych ward at Kelowna General Hospital, it was Friday the 13th.