Open Mic Log #12 - Gettin' learnt by Kate Belton @ RCA

While being waylaid once more in Kelowna, my downtown wanderings encountered good news! Kelowna local comic Kate Belton is putting on another comedy workshop and I only missed one.

I got myself in and got to workshop material with my classmates after she gave an overview of some of the fundamentals of comedy, such as the anatomy of a joke. Some real nitty gritty nerd shit that I am all about.

After the class, I was mega jazzed on comedy and found an open mic across town at some pub. I got a taxi and tried to get there as quickly as I could, but sadly I was too late. The MC there was really nice and promised to get me on next time.

Not much else to say here, but it was nice to be back in Kelowna if no other reason than to subject unsuspecting audiences to my amateur one-liners and whatnot!