Open Mic Log #10 - The Artisans Den at Apex

The sat I had was just using the tried and true jokes I've used before. It was not the typical open mic that I'm used to, a lot more intimate and more oriented to "jamming," but Vanessa, the host, gave me a slot for a bit of jokes. The whole thing took place on the patio and it sort of served as some advertising for the event as passers by began to distract me since they were half-passing, half-lingering. As any comic would, they acknowledged what was going on, leading me to playfully invite them to join in. Which they did! Which was nice.

Like usual, I scanned the audience and overheard/observed an audience member being from Australia. I had some material I wanted to experiment with as it relates to Aussies, so I worked in some crowd work with him as I did that. I quickly stumbled into what appeared to be an inside joke that he "was not Australian." So when I finished an Aussie impression, he said playfully expressed how bad it was. Unfortunately, my zinger of a comeback didn't happen until well after my set was done, which was, "How would you know? You're not Australian." SIGH.