Y'all is Turnt

Turn your nose to the crack-pipes and tubes
Turn your nose to the man stinking of booze

Turn your nose to the city of tent
Turn your nose to action, lean on intent

Turn your nose to what gets in your way
Because it's a little bit easier when you say

"Shame on you
for your eyeliner and ink
for being a man, liking pink

Shame on you
because you sold your art for crypto
because of all that you don't know

Shame on you
for your religion and God
for being a woman in a man's bod

Shame on you
for your addiction and taste
for the education you waste"

Turn your eyes from the abuse factory
they call a school, a daycare, a nursery

Turn your eyes from the irrevocable truth
that you shamed a kid being a kid, called it uncouth

Turn your eyes from all the times
you called a child's joy all kinds of crimes

Turn your eyes from the votes you cast
Empowering leaders vast
Crying, "think of the children," when
It was your children you sent to their den
A den of larceny, extortion, and a message
That they are now to don the visage
Of the actual crimes you subject to us
Now us, to throw children under the bus

Shame on them
calling "justice" a crime
cruelty from antiquated time

Shame on them
who dare to research the taboo
so that crimes cannot be committed anew

Shame on them
to think they know better
when it was us, the ones sent to slaughter

Shame on them
For doing better than we ever could
Because we got stuck under the boot of "should"

Turn yourself from the progress we empowered
Because they didn't earn theirs and we earned ours

Turn yourself from what doesn't save YOU
and launder your spinning by citing your winnings

Turn yourself from whose fault it is
you, when you said, "but, I wanted it."