Void Trinity

Author's note: a 'dark triad' is a psychopathic, narcissistic machiavellian person. This poem ironically turns these people into an 'other,' just as they do to many others in order to bolster and consolidate their power. Read with discretion and learn about dark triads as I have with the same morbid curiosity. Not to be cool or edgy, but to know your enemy and the enemy of your children — and more importantly, ensure that you and your children treat others with love and respect so as to not make others vulnerable to this terrible disease.

Who was it
sundering Sumerians
assaulting Assyrians
battling Babylon?
The dark triads, all along.

Who was it
jeopardizing Jews
crucifying Christ
melodizing to mothers' mournful song?
The dark triads, all along.

Who was it
that births the trauma
that sows the anguish
that our subservient lives belong?
The dark triads, all along.

Who was it
milking us like kine
housing us like swine
throwing our bodies to bullets, bombs, and mines?
The dark triads, this whole time.

They gift us with brutality
They bless us with strife
When we emerge from their rubble
We clutch bandage, not knife

This, the dark triads know
Because dark triads come as dark triads go
Just as we all know
Our children, once more, shackled to their carriage's tow

Who was it that let the dark triads get strong?
It was you, it was I, it was us all, all along.