I have died a thousand times
Rhymed a thousand rhymes
Whined a thousand whines
Shined endless shines

Yet, in this life
Through cosmetic strife
My heart swallowed knife

And I rebirthed anew

And in novel ground risen
I shed this neural prison

Shed my violent proclivities
My vengeful fantasies
My rebellious activities
My delusional fallacies

Soon, my deaths a thousand more
Joyous for what's in store
For these lives, never a bore

Soon, my deaths a million more
These lives wiser than before
Soon, my deaths a billion more

Soon, I will see
Soon, they will be
Soon, truly free
Soon, ecstasy
Soon, misery
Soon, fallacy
Soon, killing spree
Soon, bended knee
Soon, to deity
Soon, my deaths will be
Soon, I'll rebirth me
Soon, we are free in ecstasy and misery and fallacy and ...